Frequently Asked Questions

What are the driver's licence requirements?

JUCY accepts drivers 21 years old and over who hold a full driver licence in English. If the licence is not in English then you will need an international driver permit or a certified translation of your driver licence. This must accompany the original home country driver licence.

Do I have to pay a deposit to hire from JUCY?

When you hire your wheels from JUCY, you have two options:

  1. Pay a 20% deposit at the time of booking to hold your wheels for the big trip and pay the rest on collection.
  2. Pay in full at the time of booking, one less thing to worry about on collection and gets you on the road faster! 

How do I make changes to my booking?

To make changes to your booking including extending your drop-off / return date, you will need to contact us by phone 1800 650 4180 or email (

Please note that any changes are subject to availability and approval by JUCY. Rates may also be re-calculated at the time of the amendment.

What are JUCY's cancellation fees?

We know that some things are out of your control and you may, unfortunately, need to cancel your booking, so here are our cancellations terms:

When you book, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required. In case of a cancellation, the 20% non-refundable deposit converts into the cancellation fee.  If cancelled on the day of pick-up or no show - 100% of the rental cost can be charged. 

Will I be charged for the miles I drive?

Yes, You can pre-purchase one of our specified mileage packages, or you can go with unlimited miles.

Additional miles not pre-purchased, are calculated at US$0.25 per mile.

Your options include:

Unlimited miles - US$25 + tax per night

500-mile package - US$120 + tax

100 miles/night - US$12 + tax per night

JUCY gives you the green light to use your miles up in one day or across your hire, there is no set limit per day, but once you have used all your miles that you purchased, you will then be charged 25c per additional mile. This will be calculated at the end of your trip, when you return the vehicle.

How do I add an additional driver?

JUCY wants to ensure your safety is always the priority and additional drivers are free, which makes for safer driving. Also, having another driver to take the wheel allows you more time to enjoy the scenery.

To simply add an additional driver, ask one of our friendly staff members when you come in and pick up your JUCY wheels at your chosen branch, the additional driver must present their valid driver's licence to our staff and then the other driver can be added.

It's worth noting that as per our insurance rules, all drivers must be named on the agreement before driving to be covered.

What additional items do you have available for rent?

We have the following additional items available to rent

• GPS Satellite Navigation - $10 Daily

• Camping Chair - $10 each

• Child and Baby Seats - $40

• Camping Table - $20

• Personal Bedding Kit - Bedding and towel per two people- $50

• Provisioning Kit - Cooking Equipment and utensils - $115

• Solar Shower - $20

• Winter Pack - Includes 1x sub-zero sleeping bag, 1x thermos flask and a pair of hand warmers - $30 per person

• Generator - $75

• Heater - $25

•  Snow-chains - $20

• Inverter - $20

Please note all items are subject to availability.

When can I drop off my vehicle?

Once you’ve had the time of your life, you can return your JUCY vehicle Monday to Saturday between 9am and 11am at the agreed time.

Branches are closed on Sundays but you’re welcome to drop off at any time but please note that an extra night’s rental will be charged.

Please note, a 'Late Return Fee' of $55 ($30 during 01 Nov - 31 Mar) will apply if the desired return time is between 12pm and 4pm.

Also, a full-day rental charge will be applied once the vehicle is more than 1-hour late.

JUCY want you to enjoy your vehicle to the last moment you’ve booked it for and therefore, there will be no refunds given for shortened rentals. Additionally, there will be no refunds for late pick up or early return of vehicles.

If you would like to return outside of the hours above, please contact our team directly 1800 650 4180.

How many people can I fit in a JUCY vehicle?

The JUCY Trailblazer allows space for 5 people – 5 seat belts and two double beds for 4 people to sleep, or two adults and three small children. 

The JUCY Wavefarer has 5 seat belts, but only one double bed so it's perfect for two!

What are the administration fees for a toll or infringement?

Unfortunately, if you incur tolls or an infringement while you’re in your JUCY vehicle and these are not paid within the timeframe designated by the toll company or authority the notice is sent to JUCY.

In addition to the toll/infringement that needs to be paid directly to the relevant authority, JUCY charges the hirer a $50 administration fee for each infringement incurred.

Should you wish to dispute the toll/infringement fine, you must contact the authority directly that have issued the fine. 

What is the unpaid infringement process?

If you think you've incurred an infringement while you were out in your JUCY wheels, it's good to know our processes and any additional costs associated with the fine.

A failure to pay a Ticket or Toll received will result in a $50.00 processing fee from our offices.

Parking Tickets: These will always be placed under the windscreen wiper blade. The back of the ticket always has instructions on how to pay the ticket. You can pay online or over the phone with a credit card. You normally have 30 days to pay these tickets.

Speeding Tickets: A police officer will always hand you a physical ticket that you have 30 days to pay. The back of the ticket will explain where and how to pay the ticket.

Golden Gate Bridge: You need to pay this before crossing the bridge. There are two ways to pay this toll. The first way is to call the Golden Gate Bridge phone number 1-877-Bay-Toll or (1-877- 229-8655). The second way is to go online and pay.


Express Lanes/Fastrak: Around the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area. There are no cash lanes you have to have a prepaid pass to use the marked lanes. It is not something you pay right then or later. If you don’t have a pass you must use the normal lanes.

Links: Bay area Fastrak-

LA and Palm springs - htttp://

SFO Oakland Bay Bridge, Richmond- San Rafael and San Mateo-Hayward Bridge

Florida Pay by Toll Lanes: If you find yourself in Florida, they have no cash lanes and are paid solely online. They will not always be noticeable, so you should just take a look online before leaving the state.


Where can I stay in my RV?

There are some great spots to camp in your JUCY RV.

For campgrounds that offer a discount for JUCY customers, check out our JUCY Perks page. 

For free camping information, check out our blog post. 

Do my JUCY wheels have a bathroom or toilet?

Your JUCY vehicle comes with the kitchen sink, but not the toilet or bathroom.The plus side of having a small vehicle is that you can pull into parking lots and city spaces super easily, so finding a bathroom should be a breeze! 

If you like to be close to the comforts of home, we highly recommend KOA campgrounds - they have excellent facilities and JUCY customers get 10% off their stay via JUCY Perks

Do you allow your campervans to Burning Man festival?

Burning Man Festival: 27 August 2017 – 4 September 2017

JUCY welcomes your trip to the Playa but there are a few extra things we need to let you know. When you are making your Burning Man booking you'll be asked to tick a box to confirm your trip and you'll also be asked to sign a form when you pick up stating whether you are attending Burning Man or not. Every year we have a few people that say there're not going when they are to avoid our fee but unfortunately Black Rock never lies and there are always traces of desert dust that will give the game away.

We get it, fees are lame, so why do we charge one? We charge a $700 Burning Man fee to go towards the mechanical wear and tear that our vehicles endure when traveling to one of the country's harshest climates. This is not a cleaning fee and we do ask that you return the vehicle to us as clean as possible as the Playa dust permeates many parts of our vans and our crew are unable to turnaround vehicles in their usual time frame.

Last year JUCY received most vehicles back to us in excellent condition and to thank you, we're now offering up to $350 back on your return if your JUCY van meets our cleaning standards. This means you'll pay $700 upfront (payable before pick up) and you may be eligible for a refund. Trust us, we want to give you that refund! You'll be given information on how clean we expect the vehicles to be and your friendly JUCY crew member will assess and credit back to you when you drop off your wheels. When you're cleaning, look at the vents, all corners of the living areas, kitchen and the Penthouse, as well as the engine - that dust gets everywhere! Please note that if your vehicle is returned dirty, then an additional cleaning fee of up to $500 may be charged.

 We also need to let you know the following rules:

* Travel to Burning Man is at your own risk. JUCY will only be able to provide limited roadside assistance and any towing or repair costs will be billed to the renter.

* We provide generators to rent for $75 so plan accordingly.

* Remember - there is no water supply at the Burning Man Festival and the water in the fresh water tank is not suitable for drinking. Please take enough water and supplies - it's Burning Man 101.

You are expected to clean the vehicle the best you can prior to returning the vehicle, please also remember to fill up the fuel and empty the waste water tank before returning.

 Any other questions, feel free to jump on live chat or call us on 1800-650-4180.

Can I take my pet with me on my road trip?

We generally do not allow pets (excluding registered guide or assistance dogs) in our vehicles, however we are happy to look into this on a case-by-case basis. If you can’t imagine a road trip without your furry friend, please email with the dates you are wanting to travel and a pic of your animal. We will look into whether our branch can support the additional cleaning required on those dates. Please don’t be offended if we say no – we have to look after our customers with allergies too!

A maximum cleaning fee of $500.00 + tax, will be applied if animals are taken inside the vehicles. Please note this will also apply for registered guide or assistance dogs, if the vehicle is not returned clean.

Do you offer relocation deals?

Yes, we sure do. Check out our current Relocations HERE. 

Do your vehicles comply with the child seat requirements?

Yes. JUCY vans are compliant with the new seat requirements in the state of California as we have a Dodge Grand Caravan, which allows you to secure a rear facing car seat. 

For more information on the current California law, please click here

What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period changes depending on many factors, including, time of year, type of vehicle and customer demand level. 

As you're going though the booking process, you may get a notification saying the minimum hire hasn't been met. This means you'll need to extend your trip or change your vehicle type.