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It’s the news we’ve all been waiting to hear - Aftershock is moving to a camping format festival – hurrah! After four years of providing exemplary line-ups and the most perfect rock festival vibes, Aftershock is now ready to take it to the next level. Here at JUCY we are stoked to be invited to be the official campground sponsor – we’re huge festival lovers – and we’ve picked out top five reasons why camping festivals rock.

#1. Have you met my new friend Jono/Becky/Ry-Ry?

Camping festivals foster communities each and every time. You might be from different parts of the country (or even the world) but you’re all in it together and happy to share your experiences – whether you meet in the same section of campgrounds that you’re all parked up, in the line for the showers or dancing at the impromptu after-party back at the grounds, you’re sharing the same awesome experience with every other camper there. It may be the fun dude in the tent next to you or bumping into that kid you once crushed on in middle school, but you’re seriously going to go home a few friends richer at a camping festival!

#2. What you want, when you want

At a festival where you have to return to a hotel (or home) at the end of every day, inevitably you spend some of the quality time traveling where you could have been refuelling on sleep or food. It’s all well and good on the way to the festival when spirits are high, but that awful bus ride home, sitting in traffic on a bus chilled to arctic conditions leaves a lot to be desired. When you camp, it’s a short walk back to your mini RV or tent for food, a snooze, a sweater, or an after party of epic proportions. The festival ends when you want it to, not on someone else’s bus or driving timetable. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about anyone going over the limit with their booze consumption!

#3. It’s in the west wing

A camping festival used to be about pulling up in your beat-up car and throwing down that old two-man tent you borrowed with the hole and hoping it didn’t rain. Nowadays the range of tents, campervans and RV’s on offer mean that the level of luxury you want for your campsite is not hindered by your budget. we’ve seen some epic JUCY campa set ups at US festivals of late, including people rocking up with hammocks, grills, solar shower stalls and even inflatable pools. It’s no longer a rough experience and you can readily create a home-away-from-home.

#4. Just give me five more minutes

I’m sure we’ve all been there – you’re all set to leave for the festival but your best buddy isn’t quite ready. There’s the hair that needs doing, the outfit that needs fixing and the pre-gaming beers that need to be drunk… and you’ve been ready for an hour already! Camping festivals negate the need to wait for everyone to be ready to head on in and you can break down into smaller crews and meet up later for that must-see band. You get to experience as much as the festival as you’re ready for and so do your mates. Win win.

#5. You’re living the festival

Making the festival grounds your home for three days takes the experience to another level. Think of the festival vibes you experienced attending Aftershock in previous years and amplify that feeling. At a camping festival, the camaraderie experienced goes from a few hours per day together to a unified few days. You’re not attending the festival, you’re living in it and it’s awesome.

Thanks Aftershock for bring the festival to the next level! You’ll find the JUCY crew there at the JUCY VIP area – come and say hi and share your festival tales with us too. We’ll be the ones with the camping festival friendship glow! Find out more about our JUCY Aftershock camping festival packages with JUCY Chill Out Zone here and buy your Aftershock festival tickets here.

By Zoe Macfarlane, VP Marketing at JUCY RV Rentals