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So you're comparing a bunch of rental companies and you're not sure how JUCY stacks up? Well, road tripper, let me tell you everything you need to know on how and why JUCY is not your typical rental company!

  1. We offer Perks for our awesome customers!
    Because we know how much you love a bargain, we've teamed up with campgrounds and activity providers all over the West Coast to offer you awesome discounts. Most of these JUCY Perks are available simply by showing your keys! Check out the full range here. 

  2. We deliver your campervan to you!
    Our new JUCY Delivers program means you can get your vehicle delivered or picked up from wherever you are! So if you land at the airport and you just want to hit the road, use JUCY Delivers! Want to hit the road straight from the office and not waste time going to the branch? Use JUCY Delivers! We can deliver or pick up within a 50 mile radius of the branches, and the cost is $100 for Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and $150 for San Francisco/Oakland. And the best part about this 50 mile radius? It covers Disneyland - so you can head to Anaheim, spend a few days at the happiest place on earth, then get your JUCY delivered to your hotel so you can start your adventure from there! Fun!

  3. Our Campervan is a unique and awesome design
    We take great pride in creating custom-designed vehicles that are perfect for adventure travelers such as yourself. Dan Alpe, JUCY's COO and one-half of the epic brotherly duo who make up JUCY's founders, designed the vehicles we have in the USA, as well as our full range across New Zealand and Australia. Our Penthouses are custom-made just for us (and you!) in Italy.... fancy!

  4. We give Travelers the green light to have the time of their lives
    That's our motto and we live by it every day! Whether you're old or young, short or tall, green or purple - we will do everything we can to make sure you have an awesome JUCY adventure!

  5. We create tried-and-tested Itineraries
    Check out our itineraries page - all of these have been created by JUCY Crew who have done their own epic USA road trips. So you know they're going to be FUN!

  6. We reward you for sharing the JUCY love!
    That's right - our new JUCY Tribe rewards program means you can earn awesome prizes just by helping other people have their own JUCY adventure! When you travel in a JUCY, you're probably going to get asked lots of questions... so not only do you have a chance to make new campground friends, you also get to win cool stuff!

  7. We are the experts in adventure travel
    Our JUCY Crew are a bunch of adventurers - they love road trips, camping, finding awesome new spots, and meeting fellow road trip-lovers. So when you pick up or drop off your vehicle, make sure you chat with us about your plans - we'd love to help!

  8. We can help you plan a JUCY adventure for you and your friends!
    We organize group bookings - so if you're planning a boys' fishing trip, a work getaway, or a bachelorette camping party, get in touch and we'll help you with everything you need for an awesome adventure!  

  9. We rent to 21+!
    That's right, JUCY has a minimum age of 21 for customers. Unlike many rental vehicle companies, we do not charge any extra for customers 21-24 to hire from us. We also have no maximum age of hiring - so whether you're young or young at heart, we can help you have the time of your life!