Braden Olsen Lake Tahoe 2 April2017 USA2


The JUCY Trailblazer is a lean, green, adventure machine with all the modern features of a mini RV!

In the front, you'll find two comfortable seats, all the controls and a great CD/radio sound system for blasting the JUCY Ultimate Road Trip Spotify playlist. Pop your driver in the left, your navigator on the right and you're good to go! 

Open up the sliding door and you'll find a table and seats for eating, working or chilling! Pull some levers and this converts into a comfortable double bed to sleep 2. Snuggle up and watch a movie on the fold-down DVD player after a long day of adventuring. 

The trunk is where you'll find the kitchen! Equipped with a fridge, two gas stoves, sink (with tap and drain) and all the equipment to cook up a storm! Check out our Cooking In Campers series for roadie recipe inspiration. 

Up on top is, what we like to call, "The Penthouse". This is a pod which can be popped up when you're parked and ready to put your head on the pillow. When you're cruising, compress it down for optimum aerodynamics. 

The minivan base makes it this vehicle super easy to drive and economical on gas too - fantastic for exploring wide and far!

So, why call it the Trailblazer? Because we believe in blazing the trail instead of following the path. 

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