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The JUCY USA team has just concluded its round of 2017 USA branch manager’s conferences! This time, we shook things up a little and visited our Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco crews to learn, share, camp and… well, eat a lot it seems! By day, we swotted up on all things JUCY - asking ourselves how much better it could be – and, by night, we tested out the JUCY Trailblazer. As we got comfy in our campgrounds, we let go of our workday stresses, job titles, and inhibitions, to bond over a campfire. It was magical.

I'm now a big fan of the team building camping trip and here’s why you should be too. Read our step-by-step guide to creating your own slice of team magic. 

Simplicity is Key

First up, you need to keep it simple! There is no need for elaborate getaways that take people away from their loved ones for extended periods of time. We stayed within 45-minute drive (or 50 miles) of each of our branch locations, yet we felt like we were away from it all. It was a welcome surprise to uncover hidden gems so close to our branches.

In the Bay Area, we were nestled among the eucalyptus trees at the Anthony Chabot Regional Park; for Vegas, we were spoilt with lakeside camp spots at stunning Lake Mead; and in Los Angeles, we were only minutes away from a gorgeous beachside sunset at Dockweiler Campground. Explore your local parks and campgrounds and see what gems you can find. This also keeps the costs down too, which keeps the finance team happy.

Grub’s Up

Once you have a cool location locked down, your next step is to plan the food. It’s key! The JUCY mini RV’s have two gas stoves so, if you’re a group, you can get a good chain gang of chefs lined up to make a feast. Aside from the main meals, we tended to over pack (thanks Jen!), but you never know who will be hungry for a midnight snack. It’s important to remember the campground staples - and by staples, we mean S'mores of course. Don’t forget the marshmallows, Graham crackers and chocolate or you'll never hear the end of it! We got a little bit fancy and used this S'mores grill, but any ol' skewers will do the trick.  

Play to Win

You have your gorgeous location; you've got food fit for a king so, what's next? Games! Not those team building type games that used to be popular in the 90s, we prep more with games that suit a campfire. Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Mafia is a JUCY Crew fave but we also gave Secret Hitler a go at our Dockweiler campground for a bit of additional suspense. Don't tell the boss but, we may have slipped and fallen into playing a round or two of Drink A Palooza (ask one of the LA team about the European skinny dippers when you collect your van).


Prep Early

One last thing, don't forget to get your beds set up early! If you're having as much fun as we did, you'll be laughing into the wee hours and want to get straight into bed, instead of making it, when midnight (or beyond) rolls around. Get The Penthouse up, the bedding on and whatever you need handy for your sleep so you can really let your hair down!

Message us on Facebook if you’ve had a cool team building camp adventure – we’d love to hear your stories!