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Here's the best festival hack you'll ever come across: Hire a JUCY mini RV! Taking an RV to a music festival is the ultimate way to upgrade your camping experience. 

If you're going to a festival in a JUCY RV for the first time, check out these handy tips. 

Why take an RV to a music festival?

There are many great reasons to choose to take an RV to a music festival. 

  • You'll have an actual bed, instead of a yoga mat on the ground
  • You can cook in an actual kitchen, and eat nutritious, hot meals which will keep you healthy and full of energy for longer
  • You'll have a fridge to keep your drinks cold!
  • You can carry more supplies
  • You'll be warm and dry if it rains
  • You don't need to worry about setting up (or taking down) a tent!

JUCY mini RVs are the ideal festival vehicles. Our JUCY Trailblazer vehicles sleeps four people and includes everything you’ll need – a USB outlet for phone charging, a fridge for keeping things chilled and lockable doors to secure you and your possessions. All of this, and it still qualifies as a car, which means you can get it in more places (some festivals don't allow bigger RVs). 

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Do your research to find out whether or not you can take an RV to the festival. Not all festivals offer on-site camping, and those that do often have rules around the size of vehicles that you can take into festival camping grounds.

Handy tip: Some festivals won’t allow RVs but you can squeak in with a mini RV. JUCY vehicles are small enough to be classed as a car, so you can go where RVs can’t! The biggest spring festival allows JUCY mini RVS, but not larger vehicles.

If you can camp at a festival in an RV, you'll need to buy a camping or parking pass, which will likely be additional to the cost of your ticket. Weigh up the positives of camping in an RV to decide whether the cost is worth it for you. 

Before you go, you should also find out what to expect when you arrive. Some festivals offer power hookups, but many don't. Confirm this beforehand or prepare to 'dry camp' just to be on the safe side. If you're heading out into the middle of the desert, for example, you'll need to camp without a power hook up. JUCY vehicles don't require a power hook up to run the fridge, lights, and USB chargers. Just run the vehicle engine for about 45 minutes each day to keep these extra features running.

Some festivals only allow camping vehicles that can run air conditioning without running the engine. Unfortunately, a JUCY vehicle can’t do this, so you can’t take them to these festivals. The reason this rule exists is because festivals are often in hot climates and you need to be able to run the air con and not overheat! 

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A huge bonus of taking an RV to a music festival is that you can pack more stuff, including fresh food. Here's an overview of essential items to take. Remember, your mini RV will be searched when you go into your festival, so be smart about what you take. 

Food and drinks

You’re most likely going to be spending your days in the sweltering heat, sweating and spending energy dancing to the hottest musical artists. It’s important you nourish your body and keep your fluids and energy levels up so you last all the way to the final day. Bring plenty of snacks and keep bottles of water cool in your JUCY mini RV (remember JUCY doesn’t require a power hook up to run the fridge). 

Pack your kitchen in advance, stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetables (you'll need some vitamins when you're recovering from a hangover on your third consecutive day of partying!). You'll probably end up being too busy having fun to spend much time cooking (plus you can't take knieves and ceramic plates to most festivals), but having some healthy snacks to nourish yourself with is handy. The best food to take camping festival is anything that will give you lots of energy, but is low in sugar, as this will only make you crash. Take nuts and seeds, carrots and hummus, and dried fruit. 

Our top tips:

  • Leave the kitchen kit at the branch as many of the items, such as knives and ceramic plates, will be confiscated by security on entry. While this will limit your options for cooking, there are plenty of food vendors on site for you to choose from.
  • Make sure the fresh water tanks are full – you’ll need all the water you can get! Bring your own refillable containers in case you need more.
  • A reusable drink bottle is a must at a festival!
  • Usually, you can bring food and drinks into the festival camping ground. In general, though, no glass is allowed - that includes glass jars and bottles, so if you want peanut butter or similar snacks, make sure they're in plastic containers. 
  • The rules around alcohol are different for each festival. For some, you can bring a limited amount, at others none at all. Make sure you look into the rules in advance, to avoid disappointment. 


Festivals are usually about love - love of music, love for your friends, and love for the Earth. Be a happy hippy and make sure the stuff you take to a music festival is sustainable and eco-friendly. And remember, you probably don't need as many clothes as you think you do. 

You'll probably find these things useful:

  • Car charger - one of the benefits of having a mini RV at a festival is the USB charger. You can make sure your phone's battery stays full so you can snap endless photos and keep your social media fully updated!
  • A fanny pack or bum bag - whatever you like to call it, having your bag strapped around your waist instead of over your shoulder is much more convenient and easier to keep an eye on.
  • Warm clothes - most of the clothes you take to a festival will be skimpy and showy, rather than practical and warm. Several popular festivals take place in the desert though, so it can get hot during the day but freezing cold at night. Go prepared for all temperatures! Take at least one warm hoodie and comfy pair of track pants. 
  • Biodegradable glitter - sparkles are pretty, but in many cases, they are just microplastics which can pollute the environment and endanger the ocean and waterways. Choose biodegradable glitter that will break down when it comes off your skin. 
  • Reef-safe sunscreen - chemical sunscreens are toxic for coral reefs (so much so that they have been banned in Hawaii). Choose a zinc oxide sunscreen, especially if you are going to a beachy festival. 
  • Thrifted (and totally badass) outfits - you don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe for each festival. Shop vintage and second hand. You'll find more unique threads plus you'll be opting out of the damaging fast fashion industry. The best festival clothes are outrageous, colourful, and funky. This is a chance to express yourself!
  • Biodegradable wipes - baby wipes are essential things to take to a festival, but make sure they are compostable. Non-biodegradable wipes can take thousands of years to break down. 
  • Sturdy, waterproof boots - just in case it rains.
  • Rubbish bags - keep your campsite tidy.
  • A shade structure - this could be a gazebo, tarp, or just a fancy beach umbrella, but you'll want somewhere to escape the sun.
  • Camping chairs - you'll be on your feet a lot at a festival, so having a comfy chair to collapse into when you need a break is essential. JUCY festival packages include camping chairs. Win! 

Restricted items

Make sure you read up on the restricted items. Most festivals won’t allow any glass (including large mirrors and lights), weapons, or illegal substances through their gates, but some also exclude party balloons, scissors, or water toys.  

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Arrive early 

Arrive at the festival early to ensure you get a great spot, close to the festival site. And by early, we mean before the gates even open. If you’re wanting to camp with friends, make sure you arrive together so you can park side by side. Wherever you park your car will be where you are for the whole festival. 

Just accept the fact that there will be a line to get in - it's unavoidable. 

If you miss out on on-site accommodation, book an offsite location early as these will sell out quickly too. 

Keep your RV clean and cosy

If you're heading to Black Rock City, you're going to face incredible amounts of dust. Try to avoid opening the door of your JUCY as much as possible, to help maintain a dust free zone inside your vehicle. If you have hired a JUCY mini RV to take to the Playa, you can get a refund of $350 if you return it clean (you'll need to pass a specific cleaning checklist), which is an extra incentive to keep the dust out!

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Make a schedule

Suss out the acts and set times before you get to the event. Beware, you can’t be in multiple places at the same time so may have to miss some things. Having a schedule will also come in handy if you get separated from your friends as you’ll vaguely know where they’ll be and when they’ll be back at camp.

Be sociable

One of the few downsides of taking an RV to a music festival is that it isolates you from others. It's tempting to spend a lot of time in the cosy interior of your RV, but then what's the point in going to a festival? Luckily, JUCY mini RVs are very easy to spot and a great conversation starter, so you'll easily be able to find other JUCY travelers and make friends. 

Get out there, have a great time, and live JUCY!

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