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Everything You Need to Know About JUCY

Earlier this year, Karilyn from No Back Home went on a JUCY road trip and gave her reader the low-down on everything JUCY. She's got some great tips, so we thought we'd repost because knowledge is power JUCY lover! Enjoy.

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The JUCY Trailblazer!

With a name like the JUCY Trailblazer, you expect big things from this vehicle! We've packed loads of epic features into this mini RV to make it the ultimate adventure machine. Find out more here..

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jucy keyring on map of australia

How To Save Money on a Road Trip

Road tripping with JUCY is super affordable, but did you know there are even more ways to save money on a road trip? We've talked you through all the ways you can save a few bucks while still enjoying an epic roadie!

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The Best Places to go Stargazing in the USA

Stargazing anywhere in the world is incredible, but with the number of vast open deserts in the USA, you're bound to see some of the brightest skies here. With astronomy walks, celebrations of natural darkness and astro-photography on the cards, you might want to spend a few days on a stargazing tour!

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10 Travel Podcasts to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Sometimes it's nice to zone out and listen to someone chatting about a topic you love instead of music. Don't get us wrong, we love car karaoke but podcasts are like being in a room full of people sharing funny stories, tips and advice.

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How To See the Best of LA in A Day

If you're on a JUCY road trip and only stopping off in LA for a day and wanna know the quickest way to see the best places - this one is for you. We've got everything you need to see the best of LA from food to fun.

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10 Cool Things to See and Do in Utah

There is a ton of things to see and do in Utah - many of them super weird and wonderful. No one likes a boring attraction, so we've put together a list of the coolest stuff to see and do in Utah from ghost towns to 110-year-old fruitcake.

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