mini rvs for sale

RVs for sale

Love JUCY Mini RVs so much you want your own? Good news! You can purchase one of our retired vans so your road trips never have to end.

Never been in a JUCY? No problem! You can check our vehicles out before buying. Come to any of our branches (LA, Oakland, Las Vegas) and we’ll give you a thorough demonstration of the vehicle.

Email to ask about buying your very own JUCY Mini RV!

PRICING from $6k

We have a range of vans on offer with differing mileage and age so we have something to suit your budget. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, price range and to lock in a test drive at our LA, Vegas or Bay Area branches.

white jucy rv for sale kitchen in the rea of jucy minirv

Vehicle Specifications

Your 2012-2014 Dodge caravan Mini RV will come with all equipment including a sink, water tank, two double beds, a mini-fridge, one butane gas stove, and more.

  • Seats five and sleeps four
  • Space for two large/two small bags
  • Regular unleaded petrol
  • Automatic transmission
  • Dual 12v battery system

Check out the full vehicle specs for all the details [PDF, 1.3 MB] or take a look at our show-through video below.  


JUCY offers a Buy Back scheme so you can still get your wheels without the full commitment. Explore the States with your very own JUCY mini RV and when you’re done, we’ll buy it back from you! 


Buy a JUCY Mini RV in the USA and get a 10 day campervan hire voucher for New Zealand or Australia! Take your love of road tripping global and explore these amazing countries in a JUCY. Blackout dates apply: NZ - 15 December - 28 February and AU - 20 December - 15 January


Q. How regularly are your vehicles serviced?
A. Due to the nature of our rental business, our vehicles go through far more quality and mechanical checks than most second-hand vehicles. Before you purchase your pre-loved JUCY van, we’ll give it one final 11 point inspection to ensure the vehicle is ready for its new owner.

Q. What are the makes and ages of your models?
A. Our vehicles are Dodge Grand Caravans. They range from 2012-2016.

Q. Do you do payment plans?
A. No we don't - we accept credit cards and cashier's checks.

Q. Is there a warranty with the vehicle?
A. There is no warranty sold with the vehicle.

Q. Do I need any special permits to own a JUCY?
A. No! That’s the magic of it – it’s a customised mini-van with no extra rules or regulations to follow.

Q. What is the mileage?
A. Mileage starts at 130k and depends on which vehicle you get.

Q. How do I get insurance cover for this vehicle?
A. Chat to your insurance provider - you simply need to make sure it's covered under the 'campervan' category.

EMAIL LABRANCH@JUCYUSA.COM  to ask about purchasing your very own JUCY Mini RV!