JUCY Gives is our initiative to make sure JUCY puts a little bit back into the communities and environments that our customers travel to.

In the USA, our customers can add $1 a day on top of their hire to help to offset their carbon emissions. JUCY gives this money on to the National Forest Foundation who use it to plant trees in National Forests and Grasslands across the USA on our customer's behalf. Natural disasters such as wildfire and insect and disease outbreaks have deforested millions of acres of forests. The National Forest Foundation works to restore areas affected by these disasters by planting trees which remove carbon from the atmosphere, improve water quality, stabilize slopes, and provide habitats for threatened and endangered wildlife species. For every $1 donated, 1 tree is planted. Since initiating our relationship with the National Forest Foundation in 2017, we have planted 500 trees. We can't wait to plant more! 

As part of our JUCY Gives programme, we also give our JUCY Crew the opportunity to “donate-a-day” of their time every year to a cause of their choice. As long as the organisation they're donating their time to is supporting the communities or environments that our customers travel to, we’re happy! Keep an eye on this page for updates on our JUCY Crew's donate-a-day activities!

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