A very JUCY story!

At JUCY, we stand for fun, adventure and the spirit of traveling. We pride ourselves on offering unique and exciting travel experiences.

Our History

JUCY started in 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand with a fleet of just 35 rental cars. Today we’ve got more than 3,800 cars, campas and motorhomes across US, New Zealand and Australia. In New Zealand we also operate the JUCY Cruise boat in Milford Sound and JUCY Snooze accommodation in Auckland and Christchurch, as well as Queenstown on the way!

Despite this epic growth, we’re still a family business, owned and operated by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe; who still take a hands-on approach every day as Chief JUCIFIER and Chief Operating Officer.

Our Brand

We aim to give travelers the green light to have the time of their lives. Our bright and fun brand is a household travel name in Australasia – and we’ve got a mission to paint the world green and purple!

Social media connects JUCY to a community of travellers, currently numbering over 45,000 Facebook fans, over 10,000 Twitter followers and more two million YouTube views and you’ll also find us on Instagram with a new page dedicated to JUCY USA.

Our Vehicles

We’re best known for our range of innovative, well-equipped, green and purple mini-RVs. We design and build them ourselves in our own manufacturing division in Auckland and Los Angeles called JUCY BY Design. This way, we can control quality and function right from the outset.

Start your JUCY road trip with one of our mini RVs perfect for the budget-conscious, adventurous traveler!

Our Customers

We’re the brand of choice for 18-35 year old travelers, but in the US we have growing appeal to the young-at-heart customer too. Whatever your age, you’ll love living JUCY.

When you choose JUCY you’ll receive exceptional and friendly customer service including free phone numbers, live chat, an easy to use website, special deals on activities with JUCY Perks and more to ensure your journey is awesome from start to finish.

Our Staff

JUCY has over 320 fun and vibrant crew focused on delivering the ultimate customer journey. JUCY staff are well-traveled, passionate, friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone lives and breathes our values everyday – Fun, Family, Passion, Pride.