Playa Package

The Playa is an exceptional place. There's a lot of music, art, love, creativity - and sand. Taking a JUCY mini RV to the festival offers comfort in the harsh environment. This year choose from our two-berth Wavefarer or four-berth Trailblazer – both come equipped with a five-gallon sink, two gas stoves, mini-fridge and kitchen kit. Comfortable double beds mean you'll have a much better sleep than you would in a dusty tent!

As one of the few campervan companies that allow their vehicles to be rented for the annual pilgrimage to Black Rock, it pays to book early as the number of Burners heading to Black Rock in a JUCY has been growing each year! This is one of the best RV camping festivals around - don't miss out. 

The best festival camping is in a Mini RV

Take a JUCY Mini RV to the Playa this year. All Burner packages include JUCY rental, basic insurance, bedding kit for two or four people, kitchen kit and two camping chairs. Prices differ for our two-berth Wavefarer and four-berth Trailblazer:


Head into the Playa with your crew for 9 nights, including Playa fee*. Get 1,200 free miles if you leave from San Francisco, or 1400 free miles if you leave from Los Angeles or Las Vegas.


Exploring the area on your way to Black Rock? Get our 12-night deal and score 1,500 free miles if you leave from San Francisco, or 1,700 free miles for LA or Vegas pickups. 

Get a $350 REFUNd

We charge a *$700 Playa fee to go towards the mechanical wear and tear that our vehicles endure when traveling to one of the country’s harshest climates. The Playa dust permeates many parts of our vans, creating a tough cleaning job for our crew.

We're offering a refund of up to $350 if your JUCY mini RV meets our cleaning standards when you return your vehicle at our branch. You’ll be given information on how clean we expect the vehicles to be upon pick-up and your friendly JUCY crew member will assess your RV and refund you when you drop off your wheels.

Please note that if your vehicle is returned dirty, then an additional cleaning fee of up to $500 may be charged. 

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