Sometimes we need to get a vehicle from one JUCY branch to another and when we do, we offer JUCY lovers like you amazing prices, just to take our vans from A to B! When we have great relocation specials you can find them below. Be sure to read all the information carefully about our relocations as specific dates, locations, vehicle types and terms and conditions will apply. Relocation specials are only available online or call to book.

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Contact us: 424-456-4830 during business hours


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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high demand for these epic deals, we’re unable to keep a waiting list for them. Get ‘em while they’re hot! Check here or on Twitter to see what we have available at any given time.

These specials are available as and when we need to get vehicles from A to B. Around peak events, like festivals, you might find more relocation specials.

We only offer the relocations as listed on our website because we need to get the vehicles from one specific branch to another. If you can travel in the direction we offer and are quick to respond, you'll likely secure that deal!

Yes, however this is subject to availability and will be at the standard daily rate for the vehicle. Please give our JUCY Crew a call on 424-456-4830 to discuss this further. Your booking will still need to be made through the website.

This occasionally varies, so do you read the info to find out what is included for you but our standard deal is $1 for 1-3 days, then our standard rates apply after that. If you are traveling from LA to SF, we include 450 miles, LA to Vegas is 300 miles and Vegas to SF is 600 miles (or vice versa for the other directions). Standard JUCY terms and conditions apply and a bond will be held against your credit card.


All relocation specials are available online only and need to be booked in through our website.

When you collect your vehicle, your vehicle will have full tank of fuel. When you drop the vehicle off, you can drop it off empty if that is part of your relocation deal.

The daily rate includes 24-hour road side assistance and vehicle cover including our Basic Vehicle Cover & Statutory Liability. Our Collision Damage Waiver coverage is an additional optional cost of $10 per day, should you wish to add it.