Introducing JUCY's new referral rewards program!

Your JUCY vehicle is going to attract some attention while you’re on the road. People love seeing something unique, and when you pull up on the side of the Grand Canyon or at a campground, it’s likely an RV enthusiast is going to approach you and want to check out you mini bed and breakfast on wheels!

So for moments like this, we’ve created the JUCY referral program. When you pick up your JUCY wheels, the Crew will give you some flyers to hand out with your booking number on them. If someone receives one of your flyers and goes on to book they will get

a) 10% discount, and
b) Early bird pick up OR late drop off, and
c) Free parking (LV & SF only) for bookings of 5 nights or more

And we will contact you to let you know that your awesome love for JUCY has resulted in a booking. You’ll get a $50 discount on your next rental for each booking you helped generate!

Sounds awesome right? Get out there and be a part of the JUCY Tribe! 

*Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.